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Industry Wine Merchant was born out of a passion, two friends shared, for outstanding old world wines. On top of celebrating our favorite producers in Europe, we also take pride in the provenance of great bottles. We take extra precaution in ensuring the wines that have left the cellar door in Europe make it to us (and eventually you) using refrigerated transportation. We personally stand behind the producers, their production methods, and farming practices as well as enjoy and consume all of the wines that we sell. Many of them employ organic, bio-dynamic, or sustainable growing regimes in their vineyards. Our view is that great producers make great wine even in trying years, and we celebrate the diversity of these vintages.


Located in Goleta, California, 5 minutes west of Santa Barbara, we specialize in the sale of the classic wines of Europe. Industry Wine Merchant also provides a number of services to the seasoned collector as well as to someone that is just getting into enjoying wine.


- Select and provide wines for your multi-course dinner party or backyard BBQ. 

- Cellar design (Wine fridges to 10,000 bottle show cellars). 

 - We can build a collection for you with a balanced selection based on your preferences.

- Cellar Appraisal 

- Sourcing of specific bottles not on our list (always keeping good provenance in mind).

- Wholesale Inquiries, contact us.



All of our offers will be wines that we currently carry in inventory, in our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse. Trying to keep costs down, we do not offer walk-in service. We offer free delivery within Santa Barbara County. 



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